Competition formats

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Competition formats

There are several competition formats in orienteering which have been shown on TV. Each of these formats have their advantages and challenges with respect to TV. Here is is chosen to divide into the following formats based on their characteristics with respect to TV broadcasts:

TBD: Further describe the different disciplines with respect to advantages and challenges. Should also be updated with which building blocks are most suitable for each discipline.

  • Live versus magazine: Live broadcasts is a must, but one should offer magazines in addition as there are good chances for it to be sent in countries where orienteering is less important.
  • For long distance, re-live + live is a possibility, but we need a “real” red group a d 2 minute start-interval for it to be feasible.
  • Good idea with a first-to-finish race TV-wise. It need to be chasing start - mass-start would be very difficult to deliver the required quality. For race format, there seems to be consensus about that the format for chasing start should be 45-50 minutes, and as a good course setting example the chasing start from NORT 2010 was presented.
What do you think? Please add your opinion as a comment below.

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