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Project: Orienteering & TV in the Future

The long term goal of the "Orienteering & TV in the Future" project is to increase the quality of TV broadcasts from orienteering races and raise the standards by increasing knowledge and making best practice manuals.

This work includes:

  • Gathering information and opinions from TV people/producers
  • Gather and "review" previous international and national TV-productions to identify concepts that work/do not work
  • Description and practical use of known technical solutions
  • Matching disciplines with production concepts - set up "scripts" for TV-productions
  • Identify future research & development areas - especially related to technical solutions (e.g. tracking, virtual runners 3D graphics, wireless cameras etc.)
  • Get support from as many related groups/people as possible in order to collect information and opinions

One important tool in the project is the webpage orienteering-tv.net. The webpage is a wiki-type page - the project hopes to get a group of contributors building up knowledge in this field which is very important for the future of the sport.

There is a long way from gathering all the information to making good TV - but this step - which might be viewed upon as a pre-project in its current form - will surely contribute to bring the field forward. Proper structuring of all the information will be very important. A workshop or project group work to discuss the finding would be a natural continuance of the work.

The project is non-profit and lead by Jan Kocbach. Please contact Jan Kocbach on e-mail if you are interested in contributing to the project. In its initial form the project is planned to have no running costs.



This project is a subset of the planned project "IOF TV Production Workshop 2010", which Johan Fegar and Jan Kocbach suggested to the IOF and tried to get support for from the IOF back in 2009. The IOF was not ready to support the project at that time. The current project is a subset of the suggested project - launched as a community-type project with no significant external costs - in the hope that this may be another way to achieve most of the goals from the 2009-2010 project.


IOF was invited to participate in a scaled down version of the 2009-project (the project described in this Wiki) in which there would be no cost for the IOF to participate. The IOF did not support the initiative this time either, but the project was still launched with support from several national federations and other parties. A cooperation with the Swedish Orienteering Federation made the TV Workshop in Stockholm February 10th-11th 2012 the target case for Phase 1.