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WOC 2001 was produced by YLE. YLE had three OB vans, about 70(?) people and 30(?) cameras. Organizers worked a lot with GPS-tracking but unfortunately it was not shown in TV at all. The quality of the broadcasts was very good. There was 2-3 forest TV-controls in each event and each control had 3 cameras. One of the three cameras was usually movable (jimmy jib or miller). Mr Kalevi Uusivuori was producer and TV-director. Thanks to Jouni A for the information.

GPS was on a baby shoes then but the camera setups and directing was on a high level. They had big cranes in the forest and many cameras on same locations shooting different picture framings. Production had 3 vans at the competition center, there was approx 40(?) cameras and 60(?) persons working for TV. Thanks to Timo Mikkola for information

According to the WOC 2013 page, WOC 2001 in Tampere was the first World Orienteering Championships with big-screen production and live TV broadcasts.

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