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WOC 2008 sprint - TV footage analysis

Below is provided an overview of the TV footage from WOC 2008 sprint. The analysis is done for the women's race.


One of the best sprint productions. Follows the runners for a long time at each split. Waits for runners with rolling time. Good graphics. Interesting camera angles. Did loose the eventual winner at TV split 2 and just got the last few seconds of the run-in.

TV camera positions (Men)

Below is map with men's course - women's course has same TV splits (shown below but without TV splits marked). See split times women here http://www.woc2008.cz/files/docs/scontent/results/splits-sprint-final/WOMEN.HTM / men here http://www.woc2008.cz/files/docs/scontent/results/splits-sprint-final/MEN.HTM

Worked well

  • 2 long TV-splits (30-45 seconds) and long start/run-out and finish/run-in (45 seconds) made for good story-telling
  • Good and varied footage - varied camera angles etc.
  • Spectator footage mixed in in a good way - shows the good atmosphere
  • Split screen: Reduced number of important situations lost
  • Shows current standing/results at regular intervals - also for intermediate splits
  • Good with route choice option out from TV split 2 - runners choose different routechoice. However, did not show map to show what this difference in route choice means. Should have pre-produced material showing the two routes.
  • Pre-made course preview showing position of splits. Also shown a few times during the broadcast, but could maybe have been shown a few times more.
  • Graphics showing current weather conditions, course parameters, defending champion before start

Did not work well

  • No GPS tracking used(?) Park part of terrain should fit well for GPS-tracking - could have given an extra edge to the broadcast?
  • Could have put up name + rolling time when runner first seen for the first split - now we saw runner for 5-10 seconds before name coming up in some cases (prewarning? spotters?). Worked well for later splits.
  • Did not show eventual winner in women's class at split 2 (Hausken). Showed winner Hausken for only last 3 seconds of run-in. Did also not show start of Hausken. This even with the possibilities available with split-screen. Missing pre-warning system with coupling to results.
  • No pre-produced route comparisons

Lessons to be learned

  • Pre-warning system for producer should have told producer to show Hausken at split 2 and run-in from last control. Was the pre-warning system good enough?
  • Pre-warning split-time or spotters at TV split 1 not early enough? Did not get name of runner for the first 5-10 seconds at split 1.
  • Graphics showing current weather conditions, course parameters, defending champion etc. should always be included at start of broadcast. Could be improved even more.

Scene analysis - camera footage

The following scenes were used (relates to women's course - see below).

  • Camera footage location 1
    • Start footage - including long run-out
    • City scene
    • 40 seconds length
    • Good scene, but not ideal for the athletes from an orienteering point of view. Would however have been costly to use cameras from the start towards the first control (also there are different route choices here)
  • Camera footage location 2
    • Multi-control footage (3 controls, control 2-4)
    • Park scene
    • 45 seconds long
    • After 4 minutes running time
  • Camera footage location 3
    • Single leg (control 12-13)
    • Park scene
    • 30 seconds long (some seconds shorter if the rightmost route was chosen
    • Comment: Nice run-up-stairs footage
    • After 9 minutes running time
  • Camera footage location 4
    • Finish/run-in footage
    • City scene
    • 50 seconds long
    • Varying camera angles
    • After 13 minutes running time

See below for screenshots of the camera footage locations.

Scene analysis - GPS data

No GPS data shown.

Scene analysis - Pre-produced material

  • Preview of course: (1) satellite picture pseudo-3D and (2) course shown on flat map showing TV split positions.


  • Nice pre-made Olomouc introduction (different city scenes)
  • No route choice comparison / route video shown
  • Graphics showing current weather conditions, course parameters, defending champion


Scenes - Camera footage



TV split 1


TV split 2


Finish + last control


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