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WOC 2008 Middle - TV footage analysis

Below is provided an overview of the TV footage from WOC 2008 Middle. Focus has been on the men's race.


One of the best orienteering broadcasts with a lot of good elements which have not all been seen later on. E.g. nationality flags on GPS-tracking for runners, split screen showing GPS and camera footage in sync, running time graphics on GPS tracking data, GPS of runner just after he is starting, etc.

Also good, long TV-splits.

Map with camera positions


Worked well

Did not work well

Lessons to be learned

Scene analysis - camera footage

Start footage

Clip duration: 43 seconds (0:04:37:31 -> 0:05:20:35) startfootage.middle-woc-2008.

TV split 1 2.4 km

Clip duration: 63 seconds (0:23:23:89 -> 0:24:26:69) tvsplit12.4km.middle-woc-2008.

TV Split 2 - 4 km, Arena passing

Clip duration: 67 seconds (0:32:20:04 -> 0:33:27:96) tvsplit24km,arenapassing.middle-woc-2008.

Finish - run-in

Clip duration: 76 seconds (0:28:04:05 -> 0:29:20:32) finishrunin.middle-woc-2008.

Scene analysis - GPS data

GPS runner out from start (Note also national flag for runner. Could have synced with current leader)

Clip duration: 41 seconds (0:07:41:23 -> 0:08:22:43) gpsrunneroutfromstartnotealsonationalflagforrunner.couldhavesyncedwithcurrentleader.middle-woc-2008.

GPS with graphics running time (Note also that Sync mode is not used)

Clip duration: 20 seconds (0:10:07:47 -> 0:10:27:42) gpswithgraphicsrunningtimenotealsothatsyncmodeisnotused.middle-woc-2008.

Sync GPS and camera in split-screen with Graphics

Clip duration: 52 seconds (0:25:02:93 -> 0:25:54:81) syncgpsandcamerainsplitscreenwithgraphics.middle-woc-2008.

GPS Replay mistake - with time graphics and small flag

Clip duration: 9 seconds (0:27:53:77 -> 0:28:02:97) gpsreplaymistakewithtimegraphicsandsmallflag.middle-woc-2008.

GPS replay mistake - catches other runner

Clip duration: 17 seconds (0:52:47:18 -> 0:53:04:74) gpsreplaymistakecatchesotherrunner.middle-woc-2008.

Scene analysis - Pre-produced material

3D course preview

Clip duration: 25 seconds (0:01:26:99 -> 0:01:51:55) 3dcoursepreview.middle-woc-2008.

2D course preview with split times

Clip duration: 20 seconds (0:02:10:11 -> 0:02:30:55) 2dcoursepreviewwithsplittimes.middle-woc-2008.

Preproduced HelmetCam

Clip duration: 40 seconds (0:03:30:59 -> 0:04:10:15) preproducedhelmetcam.middle-woc-2008.

Graphics Startlist

Clip duration: 41 seconds (0:02:41:31 -> 0:03:22:95) graphicsstartlist.middle-woc-2008.


Graphics Intro Course parameters

Clip duration: 19 seconds (0:00:54:67 -> 0:01:13:99) graphicsintrocourseparameters.middle-woc-2008.

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