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SOFT TV Workshop February 2012

SOFT organized a TV Workshop February 10th-11th 2012. The "Orienteering & TV in the Future" project participated with two people.

Overall goal

The overall goal with the workshop was defined as

  • Share experiences
  • Define best practice for showing TV on orienteering - distance by distance


Henning Spjelkavik ( / NOF), Jan Kocbach ( / NOF), Tom Hollowell (SOFT), Arild Andersen (NRK), Bjørnar Valstad (NOF), Jørn Sundby (TV 2 / Project leader WOC 2010 / NOF), Karel Jonák (freelance producer, WOC 2008/2009, WC 2011, EOC 2012), Henrik Skoglund (GPS SOFT), Sören Emmervall (SOFT productions), Timo Mikkola (SSL, event developer, broadcasts), Björn Persson (IOF), Eva Jurenikova (EOC 2012), Armin Fankhauser (Swiss TV, WOC 2012), Lenka Klimplova (Czech O-fedederation), Johan Fegar (Danish O-federation, WOC 2006 Media director), Henrik Undeland (SOFT, TV responsible NORT 2-2011), Johan Bernhagen (TV Producer, XC, Alpine, Biathlon, Orienteering in the 90ies), Mattias Pettersson (SVT, winter sports, track & field), Carl Magnusson (EOC 2012 / SOFT, WSOC 2010), Per Frost (EOC 2012 / SOFT, WSOC 2010, media student), Anders Gärderud (SVT), Nicolas Russi (WOC 2011, WOC 2012 media director)

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