Production manual for orienteering

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 Production manual for Orienteering

At the SOFT TV-workshop in February 2012 there was general agreement that there was a need for a Production manual for Orienteering.

  • There is a production manual for Biathlon, FIS XC-skiing, FIS Alpine-skiing etc. These production manuals are made by,
    • Workshop and discussion.
    • One person writes the manual based on deep interview of the different directors who are active in the sport (Benny Giger, CH was part)
    • A draft production manual is made, which is then reviewed/commented by directors and other parties.
    • Production manual is revised every year.
    • The production manual contains all the basic needs of a TV-production (what MUST be there): Timeline of what shall be done in which order, list of responsibilities. Guidelines, fixed run up, running order, fixed bump up etc..
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