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NORT 2011 Stage 3 - TV footage analysis

Below is provided an overview of the footage from NORT 2011 Stage 3. There was no full TV broadcast - only webTV and BigScreen production with limited number of cameras. The men's race has been analyzed.


Very limited production only for webTV, but good use of premade material (Steadicam forest footage around GPS position of runners) and good use of GPS data.

Map with camera positions


Worked well

Did not work well

Lessons to be learned

Scene analysis - camera footage

Start footage

Clip duration: 13 seconds (0:00:26:37 -> 0:00:39:05) startfootage.nort-2011-ofestivalen-men-chase.

TV arena passage

Clip duration: 59 seconds (0:36:56:41 -> 0:37:55:57) tvarenapassage.nort-2011-ofestivalen-men-chase.

Run-in Finish

Clip duration: 48 seconds (0:53:01:81 -> 0:53:49:01) runinfinish.nort-2011-ofestivalen-men-chase.

Scene analysis - GPS data

GPS long clip - Replay transition to Live - many runners

Clip duration: 371 seconds (0:06:26:21 -> 0:12:37:69) gpslongclipreplaytransitiontolivemanyrunners.nort-2011-ofestivalen-men-chase.

GPS Live showing time difference between runners

Clip duration: 72 seconds (0:41:20:85 -> 0:42:32:77) gpsliveshowingtimedifferencebetweenrunners.nort-2011-ofestivalen-men-chase.

Scene analysis - Pre-produced material

Premade material - Steadicam camera footage

Clip duration: 20 seconds (0:13:07:97 -> 0:13:27:53) premadematerialsteadicamcamerafootage.nort-2011-ofestivalen-men-chase.

Premade material - Steadicam headcam-like footage. 3 minutes long at same position as runners current position

Clip duration: 27 seconds (0:13:42:57 -> 0:14:09:69) premadematerialsteadicamheadcamlikefootage.3minuteslongatsamepositionasrunnerscurrentposition.nort-2011-ofestivalen-men-chase.

Premade material - Steadicam headcam-like footage with runner ahead.

Clip duration: 22 seconds (0:25:03:57 -> 0:25:25:89) premadematerialsteadicamheadcamlikefootagewithrunnerahead..nort-2011-ofestivalen-men-chase.


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